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22 Oktober 2010Cobidoc Nieuwsbrief Oktober 2010


CAS REGISTRY Sample Search Enhanced

CAS REGISTRY has witnessed extraordinary growth over the past few years with approximately 12,000 new substances now added daily. REGISTRY currently contains more than 55 million organic and inorganic substances. All potential matches to your structure search query.

Many of our STN customers conduct a sample structure search first in a small portion of the database to verify the types of answers that their query retrieves and to see whether the search will run to completion in the full database. To keep pace with this ever expanding database content, the iteration limits for sample searches have been increased from 2,000 to 1 million records. This ensures that sample searches continue to accurately represent full database search results.

The increase in iteration limits enables the majority of your sample searches to run to completion; however, you will continue to receive no more than 50 randomly chosen records for each sample search answer set.



The formats of Taiwanese patent application numbers (/AP) and priority application numbers (/PRN) have changed in the CA/CAplus databases to be consistent with other STN® databases. These changes ensure that you will receive a complete set of records when you cross over patent application numbers among several STN databases.

The new formats will be applied to new Taiwanese applications and CA/CAplus backfile records, and differ from previous formats by the deletion of the first two characters (that corresponded to the Taiwanese year) immediately following the dash:

Taiwanese Patent Application Number Format

  • Previous format TW 2005-94114837
  • New format TW 2005-114837

Also kind codes for Chinese Utility Patents have changed:

Chinese utility models with a publication date of October 6, 2010 or later will now use kind code U in the CA/CAplus family of databases. The kind codes for Chinese utility patents with publication dates of April 7, 2010 thru October 5, 2010 will be updated from Y to U. These changes impact both basic patents and equivalents, will make crossover searching easier, and will save you time by ensuring kind-code consistency among CA/CAplus and other STN databases.



A new Chemical Name Search field (/CNS) in EMBASE has been introduced to increase retrieval precision for chemical names. This new /CNS field operates across the entire EMBASE database to retrieve names indexed in the Chemical Name (/CN) and the CAS Registry Number® (/RN) fields.

The /CNS field has SLART and proximity capabilities, and its chemical names are parsed on spaces and on non-alphabetic characters. For example, the chemical name 9-(3-Deoxy-ß-D-ribofuranosyl)adenine is parsed as

  • 9
  • 3
  • Deoxy
  • ß
  • D
  • ribofuranosyl
  • adenine

Dimethyl sulfone appears in the /RN field as dimethyl sulfone and can be retrieve in the /CNS field by searching the parsed entities

  • dimethyl
  • sulfone

Glyco flex iii appears in the /CN field and can be retrieved in the /CNS field by searching

  • glyco
  • flex
  • iii



Enhanced coverage of Chinese assignment data
The coverage of Chinese assignment data will be extended to include data from 1995-2008.

PCT entry into national phase data available for Brazil
From now on information about the entry into national phase of PCT applications in Brazil is available. Coverage of these data starts in August 2005.

US legal status code sheet available
The detailed description for 41 US legal status codes is now available.



MEDLINE: Cited references provide additional relevant records with no additional searching

Now there is an easy way to retrieve additional information for a record of interest in the MEDLINE database on STN. Cited References are now available in MEDLINE, and you can use them to access MEDLINE records related to a record of interest. To date, more than one million MEDLINE records have been enhanced with Cited References information.

A number of new search fields have been introduced to quickly connect you to the Cited References information. New custom display options are also available for Cited References information, such as the RE field, which displays an assortment of useful data elements (see below), and RAN.MED, which enables you to display the MEDLINE record for cited references of interest.

To see a list of the new search and display formats and a sample reference for MEDLINE Cited References, visit this link


E-seminars op STN FIZ Karlsruhe

Op de website van FIZ-Karlsruhe zijn een aantal nieuwe E-seminars beschikbaar gekomen. Onder andere voor de databases WPINDEX, INPADOCDB, INPAFAMDB en BEILSTEIN.

U vindt de seminars hier



Hieronder vindt u het cursusoverzicht voor 2010. Voor meer informatie verwijzen wij u naar onze website: of klik op de links hieronder om u direct in te schrijven.

8 Nov 201010:00 - 14:00SciFinder Basics
16 Nov 201010:00 - 16:00STN Basics
17 Nov 201010:00 - 15:00SciFinder Key Contact Dag
23 Nov 201010:00 - 14:00STN Intermediate

De meer gespecialiseerde cursussen, worden op aanvraag georganiseerd. U hoeft dan bijvoorbeeld niet meer enkele maanden te wachten totdat de cursus weer aan de beurt is. U kunt een datum afspreken, die u het beste uit komt. Neemt u hiervoor contact op met de Cobidoc helpdesk (020-6880333 of Een overzicht van de gespecialiseerde cursussen vindt u hieronder.


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